Castle Rock Equity Group targets properties which present a balanced opportunity for both elevated profit margin and stable returns. We strive to maximize profits while maintaining healthy levels of equity and reserves to offset risk criteria.

Target Markets

Castle Rock has and will continue to have strong ties to the northeast corridor while exploring new markets when a profitable real estate atmosphere presents itself. Our strategy has always been to focus on investing in established CBD markets with growing populations.

The New York Metropolitan Area, Philadelphia, Washington DC, and Boston are of particular interest. We have also been very focused on emerging markets and secondary markets that are often overlooked and capable of providing healthy returns.

Asset Classes

We focus on Class A assets in the multifamily and commercial sectors. Our current portfolio is very diverse, and we carefully consider any opportunity with the correct risk & return profile. We actively review rather than shy away from any deal.

Our team fervently pursues value-add opportunities that represent a substantial increase to the property’s NOI and justify the capital expense with strong returns. We also regularly evaluate opportunities for new development. We currently have nine properties under construction in our portfolio in both multifamily and hospitality. Our extensive construction experience across multiple asset classes provides us with a distinct edge when evaluating value-add and new development.

People, Profits, Planet: The Triple Bottom Line

Profitability is at the forefront of all our decision making. However, we know that by focusing on opportunities that benefit the residents or occupants (People) and the environment (Planet) that we will improve the quality of life in a local community AND the bottom line, thus tripling the effect.

Sustainability is a desirable feature for many lessees as both individuals and corporations are recognizing the important role a healthy living/working environment can play in personal health and employee’s performance. In most markets, we’ve seen sustainable attributes increase rental rates in both multifamily and commercial properties.

Our emphasis on the Triple Bottom Line has improved investor return in the following ways:

  • Improved Marketability
  • Higher Rental Revenue
  • Lower Operating Expenses
  • Enhanced Risk Management
  • Greater Resiliency
  • Higher Selling Price at Exit
  • Tax deferment/abatement and FAR bonuses
  • Impact Investing

Present an Investment Opportunity

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