Castle Rock Equity Group is a highly diversified privately held real estate fund dedicated to the successful acquisition of large multi-family residential and commercial properties in the continental United States. We are headquartered in the NYC Metro area and specialize in markets across the Continental United States with niche expertise and insight in key local markets such as Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Philadelphia.

Our growing portfolio currently includes millions of square feet in office, retail and industrial space, thousands of residential units and nearly one hundred hotel keys and we are continually pursuing and capitalizing on opportunities to expand through the acquisition of stabilized assets, repositioning assets, value add and new development opportunities.

Our Capabilities

Invaluable Local Market Insight

Our extensive local experience in the Northeast Corridor and across the Continental United States provides invaluable context when evaluating deals guaranteeing unparalleled market insight. We provide all our partners with detailed analysis and data to enable them to make a highly informed decision when working with our firm.

Successful Experience with Complex Transactions

We have a proven track record of identifying opportunities hidden within the asset. Furthermore, we have a long history of structuring, negotiating and successfully closing even the most sophisticated and intricate deals quickly and efficiently.

Broad Development Expertise

Our extensive expertise in all types of development provide us with the acumen needed to quickly determine the highest and best use of every project needed. We have an established reputation for innovative designs that have been delivered on time and within budget. No matter what the market, structure, or opportunity, we find the path best suited to maximize return and minimize risk.

Advanced Financing Solutions

The Castle Rock team leverages complexities and challenges like distressed capital structures, navigating these obstacles with confidence to bring added value to each deal.

Strong Asset Management

For every asset we own, we hire the right team to carefully manage the asset to ensure all risks are minimized and expected rate of return is met or exceeded.

Our Ethics

Castle Rock Equity Group pledges to maintain the highest moral and ethical standards. We work honestly and ethically with the best interest of investors, our team members, and all other associated parties in mind. We place integrity above all else and believe that our ethical practices show through in our investment’s performance and reputation within the industry.

Our Team

Ben Nash

Chairman of the Board

Ben has an extensive background in global business development across more than 30 countries. Beginning in 2000 with an investment in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Ben has become very active in real estate investing and development. Since that initial investment he has invested in real estate throughout the Northeast corridor, across multiple property types, creating generous returns for investors. With an intimate understanding of the real estate market and the ability to locate opportunities nationally, Ben is the invaluable leader of Castle Rock Equity Group.

Praveen Arora

Director of the Board

Praveen has been active in the real estate industry since the late 1990s investing in multiple assets across many locations. Praveen and Ben have worked together to create an impressive portfolio spanning many markets and asset types. Praveen’s knack for predicting market demands has allowed him to successfully steer the company into a leading real estate organization. As part of the Castle Rock Equity Group, Praveen continues to locate new deals, engage investors, and lead the company in its development, direction and overall agenda.

Judah L. Angster Esq.


Judah has an extensive background in global business development that spans the past 10 years and includes more than $1 billion in acquisitions, mergers, and joint ventures in more than 20 countries across four continents. In addition to global business development, Judah also has extensive experience in oversight. As CEO, Judah structures new deals and negotiates loan terms. As an attorney Judah is well versed in the nuances of real estate transactions and is effective in strategizing & closing complex deals.

Sam Bukai

Board Member / Director of Committees

Sam began his career in real estate managing a private Family Real Estate fund based out of Brooklyn, NY focused on strip mall construction and the re positioning of Multi-Family buildings. Sam oversees the committees for each project from acquisitions through financing and post-acquisition management. His insight and leadership are an integral part of Castle Rock’s success and continued growth.

Kimberly Gift

Manager of Real Estate Investments

As the manager of Castle Rock’s investments Kimberly is focused on locating new opportunities, property valuation, underwriting, due diligence, portfolio management, and construction oversight. Kimberly has a background in project management and engineering of commercial projects. After working in the construction industry Kimberly acquired a Masters from NYU in Sustainable Real Estate Development. Since completing the program Kimberly has working in real estate investment & development. Sustainability has been a large focus of Kimberly’s experience with a graduate certificate in Sustainable Design & Construction as well as research on a Green Grant from New York University.

Ying Dong

Acquisition Associate

In the role of Acquisition Associate Ying is focused on underwriting new acquisitions, conducting due diligence, and market research. In addition to her role in underwriting Ying also assists in sourcing equity partners in the Chinese and Hong Kong markets. With her wide range of experience in multiple asset types and an array of markets across the U.S. she is well versed in understanding how to develop a pro forma for any deal. Ying also holds a Master’s degree in Real Estate Development from Columbia University.